Who is tim mcgraw dating

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Who is tim mcgraw dating

"I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder," the dad-of-three said.

"That was on purpose."CLICK FOR FULL GALLERYFaith admitted that her husband is tough on there daughters' suitors Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

It sounds like too much damage may have already been done for her to give him the benefit of the doubt now.

Faith knows that Taylor generally sets her sights on older men and she fears that the chemistry between her and Tim has already led to a fling or two.

He starts the song singing about being in a car, I probably thought it was about driving a car real slow. If you haven't heard Carly Pearce's "Every Little Thing" yet, you might not be doing things right.

It's easily one of the best songs of the year and Pearce is easily one of the best new female artists in the game.

Remember how we told you about the rumors of trouble in paradise for Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw?

Tim is now sober but back when he was drinking heavily Faith actually threw him out and they lived apart for quite awhile.

After realizing that she couldn’t fully trust her husband then, Faith has had a really hard time trusting the new and cleaned up version of Tim.

Tim Mc Graw and wife Faith Hill appeared on “The Ellen Show” to promote their “Soul2Soul” world tour and the conversation was soon focused on their three daughters: Gracie, 19, Maggie 18, and Audrey, 15.

Mc Graw quickly admitted to host Ellen De Generes that he’s tough on any boy who dates his daughters.

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Happy birthday to this crazy, talented, beautiful woman.