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After some discussions from the judges, they give their scores: Joey, your take on this? Thankfully, the one thing they have going for them is that THEIR HAIR IS LOOKING POUFED TO PERFECTION. Next up, “Team— WHAT Apparently, they’re on a show together called viewing public hostage. After some decent practice tries in the montage, it’s finally time for the real thing. So then Rory decides he wants to put himself in Kendra’s shoes and try a dive he’s scared of. Well, not the entire arena … Tubbs and Crockett know that if she quits, they both survive, don’t have to battle, and most importantly, can remain best friends. As a kid, Kye Petersen, 22, used to head up into to the mountains around his Whistler, British Columbia, home to get away from things.Get Me Out of Here, receptionist Sasha Gale, South African model Shashi Naidoo and now Stoll.Should the Ulsterman claim the green jacket at Augusta National he would then have a shot at becoming the first golfer since Tiger Woods in 2001 to hold all the major titles at once when he competes in the US Open at Chambers Bay in June.However it shakes out, thank you for finding a way to keep me interested for another week. They look like two different flavors of Tropical Starburst. After some chatter, we find out our teams: Brandi and Nicole, a.k.a. “Team I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD MATCH A BRAVE SOUL WITH A SCAREDY CAT” Drake and Katherine, a.k.a. “Team Shapes and Sizes” First up, Kareem and Louie.In last week’s episode, “Week 2,” the field narrowed down to eight with the elimination of The SUH by The Chastain. In their preparation montage, we find out that Kareem has a different name for their team: “Team 10.” Fantastic.Each dive will be critiqued by the judges, London Olympics U.

Just the journey that we took together has really been transformational.Before getting into the most recent episode, let’s dig the predictions back up and see how they’re holding up. Also, they expect to get that score, which most certainly won’t happen, but their drive is admirable. This is great, but only improves once he’s joined by Greg Louganis. Looks like Charissa didn’t get the “South Beach cocaine dealers” memo."Each week the celebrities will look fear in the face as they leap off the 10-meter high dive, pair off to complete synchronized stunts, and flip, twist and spin into the depths of the pool below.Leading up to the competition, the world's most decorated and medaled diving legend, Greg Louganis, will give each celebrity weeks of training.

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And then once we got past the fear of water then there’s the fear of heights.