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Webbrowser documenttext not updating

Use this property when you want to manipulate the contents of an HTML page displayed in the Web Browser control using string processing tools.You can use this property, for example, to load pages from a database or to analyze pages using regular expressions.I have a website which takes username as input and displays some data. Otherwise you can check the document completed status and check for the element.The task is to create an application which can perform the following steps: 1.

The same needs to be done between navigates to different types of content (like text/xml to text/html) because the renderer is different (mshtml for text/html, something else for text/xml).Document Text with the HTML string I was returning.Now I set it up to grab all of the information on the client, without ever having to hit the server, and I'm trying to raise the same event.If you set the value of this property and then immediately retrieve it again, the value retrieved may be different than the value set if the Web Browser control has not had time to load the new content.You can retrieve the new value in a Document Completed event handler.

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Do you know of any decent HTML editor control for Windows Forms?