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Updating turbo tax 2016

As a side note, I like the way Amazon keeps your digital downloads on file..better than trying to keep track of software DVDs.Should I run into any problems while I actually prepare my returns in a month or so, I'll update the review. After installation, Turbo Tax always suggests to update the software. However, with this year's version, after the update has been installed, attempting to open the tax return results in an error code.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Every time I try something else, I always come back to TT. If they want to boost revenue, why not offer additional excellent products instead of trying to deceive their customers?

If anyone else has had a problem with Turbo Tax charging for online filing when they advertised it as being free, please let me know. They don't even deserve any stars but that's the only way I can warn people about them. It was conveyed by their customer service representative that the bank allegedly rejected the direct deposit. Anyhow, after spending a couple hours inputting all the necessary information and having the program calculate federal tax along with tax for the State of Iowa, after all this, I was informed that I would have to pay a charge of .99 for state tax calculation.

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They deducted 3.17 from my checking account without my permission for federal and state. I have been a member of the this financial institution for approximately 20 years and the direct deposit information has remained unchanged. The program then put forth 4-5 pages of terms and conditions that are apparently different than those stated initially (each of which consisted of a bunch of convoluted legal jargon that I simply glanced over) and refused to proceed until I agreed to allow them to deduct .99 from my refund. And the "help" files are anything but helpful, in fact offering nothing at all would be more helpful.

That's even more than if I bought those two products separately. If I would have known they were going to charge, I would have bought the program at Staples for .99 and gotten the state for free like I usually do. Turbo Tax then charged a reprocessing fee and claimed that the my refund was sent via US mail. By this time my taxes were completed but I could not get the records nor file until I agreed to the deduction of the additional, unexpected fee. Once again the program refused to continue, now demanding yet another fee of .99 as well as agreement to another multi-page set of terms in order to proceed. At least that would save me from wasting time closing and reopening the pop-up several more times, in disbelief, while attempting to grasp how any slightly reasonable person might come to consider a scant line or two of vague, non-information as being helpful.

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This is a big deal for 100% VA-rated, disabled military pensioners; MD Tax Help and MD Veterans Administration state a VA 100% rating can qualify. Original Review:"Good Product; Reasonable Cost For The Features Provided; Just Be Aware Of Intuit 'Sneakiness'"Some background. The one that bothered me the most was the "version re-positioning" that took place about two years ago where (unbeknownst to the consumer) features were dropped from the versions that historically were supported (i.e., various schedules in the Deluxe and Premier editions were bumped up to the next most expensive editions).

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