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Updating eclipse europa to ganymede

A binary distribution of JOpera for Eclipse is currently available from this site.The latest version of JOpera is 2.6.0 To download and install JOpera, simply tell Eclipse about the JOpera update site: You can also install JOpera from the command line.Eclipse Indigo is the most updated pack, and in it you will find all the essential tools necessary to develop web and Java EE applications as well as JPA, JSF or Mylyn.One of the main advantages of Java applications is that they are multiplatform and multisystem.Perhaps the dialog had a checkbox for "don't tell me again" which I mistakenly checked on???

We expect this site to support ECLIPSE installations through Kepler, except for plug-ins requiring Juno-specific capabilities.That is why an integrated development environment like Eclipse is so important.Use Eclipse, download this Java development for free, it's one of the best options available.To keep improving JOpera, we are thankful for your feedback!It seems that the JOpera update site listed above is blocked from the great firewall of China.

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