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@sebastiancomedy I will turn my Italian on for you and go kick that dudes ass for talking and disrespecting my favorite comedian!!!

The only documented facts that we have on Saint Sebastian concern his martyrdom, though there are legends concerning him.

Many also pray to him for protection against plagues.

Sebastian is often depicted in pictures as a man with a full beard in court attire.

Through his father's connections, he met and was influenced by blues musicians Sonny Terry and Lightnin' Hopkins (for whom Sebastian served as "unofficial tour guide and valet" when Hopkins was in New York City).

In addition to harmonica, Sebastian played guitar and occasionally autoharp.

He was probably born at Narbonne, Gaul, and became a Roman soldier around the year 283.

Relax to the music and enjoy the tremendous views overlooking the St.The background reflects a passion for narrative on the part of the artist, who had worked as an illuminator in Central Italy and developed an intense interest in lively descriptions and forthright and expressionistic graphic solutions.The figure of the saint, on the other hand, is characterized by a solemn monumentality that alludes to the painting of the same subject by Antonello da Messina (now in Dresden), from which the detail of the foreshortened column is also derived.The 23-year-old entertainer was joined by writer-director Edgar Wright, as well as Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, Sebastian Stan, Suki Waterhouse, Jennifer Morrison and Adrien Brody, who all came out to show their support. #arentyouembarrassed #asshole #showsomerespectfortthebest #italianpatience AND @queen__aline thank you for the awesome Xmas gift!!!

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