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1991 wechselte sie zum SPIEGEL und berichtet seitdem aus Kriegs- und Krisenregionen wie dem Balkan, Zentralasien und dem Mittleren Osten, darunter Afghanistan, Pakistan und Iran.A man with a lute plays Beethoven's "Ode to Freedom," before moving on to play a piece from an Iraqi composer.But what does it really mean that the Saudi king, the guardian of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, has reined in his feared morals police? Just the vacation spot for a headstrong, adventure-loving, cocktail-imbibing, fashion-conscious chick.

The photo was changed by Saudi hardware retailer Saco, who have edited other ads to publicise their Ramadan sale.Brightly coloured skirts and t-shirts are seen being ripped off hangers and flailing in the air as the women battle to get the best bargains.At one point, two clothing racks collapse under the sheer weight of the women's forceful nature towards the hangers.The organisation has called the guardian system: "The most significant impediment to realising women's rights in the country".As oil riches have declined in Saudi Arabia, the crisis has forced change in the country.

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The women appear to have been edited out completely in other adverts.