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Finding a person who matches your lifestyle needs and preferences is not an easy task.

This is why we have come up with this service to make it easier for internet users to discover their ideal match from the comfort of their couch.

Now, the finalists for Dietz & Watson’s Best Real Philly Deli Sandwich are in…

and it’s up to you to crown the best of More ","Which Combo Wins It All?

The truth be told, I’m generally more attracted to financially struggling slobs who are blue-collar grease monkeys. You would definitely want to be at their side during a zombie apocalypse, as depicted in the popular TV series . See official rules » Am I attracted to poor men because of their utility, or could it be something else?

A lawyer can’t argue for our survival, and I don’t need a CPA to count zombies breaking down my front door. Yes, smash the brains of those encroaching zombies. Sharpen your job skills and enter for a chance to win the big prize!

As we all know, well-off people are ever busy and have businesses to manage almost always. I prefer that my dates look like neither my grandfather my 21-year-old son.Most older divorced women are worse off financially after their divorce. At the beginning of a dinner date, I ask how he prefers to handle the bill.Most young women, if not all, will join a rich men dating site just to meet a sugar-daddy.Additionally, there are women who are equally rich, or at least have a good job, that join a rich dating site because they want to meet a man in their own caliber.

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Secretly, I know if it’s not the last, I’m going to order soup for dinner.

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