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fun topics, it’s helpful to examine some of the main concepts that WPF introduces above and beyond what . The topics in this chapter are some of the main culprits responsible for WPF’s notoriously steep learning curve.

By familiarizing yourself with these concepts now, you’ll be able to approach the rest of this book (or any other WPF documentation) with confidence.

The first benefit of a DP is that a value is only stored for an object if it’s specifically been set.

Under the covers, a dictionary of property/value pairs is used, resulting in a much smaller amount of storage in the typical case where most of the values for properties are not explicitly set on the control, but are left at the defaults.

If you derive from existing classes, you have the opportunity to add or change properties of a class.

Obviously that’s going to open up even more possibilities, and we’ll save that discussion for Part Two (or Part X?

In Silverlight and Windows Store Apps, this class doesn’t exist.

As it happens, this is proving to be such a toothy subject that I think I will need to break it up into parts. In Part One, we’ll discuss the property-change mechanisms that have the most exposure for markup writers, and for those of us that are using existing controls and classes rather than writing our own.

Windows Presentation Foundation features quite a variety of different mechanisms that provide notifications of when a property changes its value.

These mechanisms come from several different feature areas: from data binding, from the WPF property system, and also from the cluster of features around styling, templating and controls.

This chapter begins with a look at the principal output of a Windows Phone Application project: the XAP file.

The chapter discusses its composition and shows how to deploy a XAP file to a developer unlocked device.

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