Dating when in aa

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The psychiatrist patiently explained what the alcohol was doing to my body. That night I took myself alone and scared to my first AA meeting. But being rigourously honest from the start, and adopting the 12 steps completely into my life, and learning how to live properly all over again saved my life. I'm a totally re-created and brand new woman who loves this life very much. I'm just curious about whether or not there are any 12 step type programs that don't involve so much of the religious stuff that AA seems to?

This is because their priority needs to be staying sober.When people become sober it opens up a world of possibility.They can now begin to rebuild their life and get back many of the things they have lost.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I thought it might be relevant to have somewhre to discuss our commone problems within the program, or even to share some of our uplifting stories. They also told me that they went looking for other drunks to hang out with so they wouldn't drink themselves! I don't know, I just heard that once, and thought I'd share it with you. I am hoping that in time, I will truely understand it... The same can be said of a social drinker......have no idea of what an alcoholic feels like. I told him, "about a magnum a day and make sure I got more in case I run out".Anyone got something to discuss or share in here please feel free. The last one got shut down, so we do not wish to see that happen again. I am an AA member myself, and will break my anonimity as it is my own right to do so. I'm always interested in hearing from recovering or recovered folk. It is the one mind set, as I have told them all, that i can not get myself into. I know how it works, and i know all the technical details etc. and then I will be able to say "Yes I know what you mean" when someone says they can't have that one drink, even if they wanted to. That is the very reason we all need to be to-gether in the rooms of AA and wage war against this thing that would control our very lives. He quickly agreed I was indeed in trouble and promptly sent me to see a phychiatrist the very next day. The next morning after trying unsuccessfully to not drink, I phoned AA. You just never know how many folks you may just end up helping by being open and honest about what you have been what I like best about this place....

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