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For years, the north side of Portland was a blend of working-class residential neighborhoods and industrial stretches, but in recent years, the Mississippi neighborhood has undergone a rejuvenation known as the “Mississippi Miracle.” An influx of entrepreneurs has opened hip restaurants, bars and boutiques in the area’s abandoned factories and warehouses.

Handling a conversation can depend on a specific app, sexual preference, age range or location.Above: Breakfast is a meal worth commemorating in Portland, as this diner captures a photo of his meal at Sweedeedee.Click to play: See why no other city in the country takes its morning meal as seriously as Portland.Welcome to Portland, as in Oregon, the land of milk and honey — also coffee, tea, beer, wine, game, berries, crab, salmon, ice cream in flavors lifted from food trucks and olive oil that chefs compare favorably to Italy’s liquid gold.Dubbed Stumptown, a nickname acquired in the mid-19th century when logging outpaced the full clearing of trees, Portland is the fourth stop on my exploration of America’s best food cities, which has taken me to Charleston, S.

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Also referred to as the Alphabet District and NW 21st and 23rd avenues, Nob Hill is a neighborhood of narrow streets where restored Craftsman and Victorian homes mingle with newer condos, apartments and lofts.