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Brendon urie and audrey kitching dating

FEVER ERAif you have made it this far, i’m proud of you. @jen–ne–sais–quoi, i hope you don’t regret asking for this hahawhen we last left our hero —wait, not that kind of story. follow along with this great masterpost and this slightly more detailed ask) but he was laying the foundation for one. we’re not at the poetic parts yet, we’re still at the super cringey parts. with ,000 and a few weeks, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was born.

when we left off, it was 2004, ryan was 18 and in his freshman year of college. well, ryan was super into a Scene Queen, Jac Vanek.

And I’m not going to pretend that Audrey is a nice girl. Her friendships fall to pieces at the drop of a hat. So, okay, it’s around October 2005, she and a friend go to see some band on tour. It’s cool, you guys, we’re all going to hell together. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO KEEP MY LOVE FOR THIS GIRL QUIET, YOU GUYS. Pete tried to take artistic pictures of Patrick watching Prince DVDs. Pete made me watch Licence to Drive & a bunch of other pointless movies.

She's extremely cynical and angry (which I'll demonstrate later with my quotes! The best part is, I can totally top this picture later. You know, no big deal, they’re just this ridiculous band about a Disco. Right now I just want to gush about how much she loves photography and music. he told me he was thankful i was the first person that was ever nice to him in california.

The first would be a screencap someone managed to snag before Ryan deleted his journal, where Brendon is being his usual (slightly immature) self.

THAT IS, until they had a huge feud over their friendship with Jeffree Star (spoiler alert: Audrey was playing both of them) and suddenly were mortal enemies.-----------[x5]Paramore: Hayley Williams-----------[x2]Misc: Katie Kay-----------[x1]Misc: Dusty-----------[x1]The Hush Sound: Greta Saltpeter-----------[x1]Cobra Starship: Vicky T-----------[x13]Panic At the Disco: Various-----------[x2]Cobra Starship: Gabe Saportacut to and we had this idea that there might be just as many fans of Spencer's (and Jon's) beard as there are haters, but maybe they just aren't as vocal! ATD].[5] Hayley Williams.[4] Paramore.[42] Icons in all., , follow the yellow brick cut...So James said-"I want to start a comm just for Spencer's beard! [11] Fall Out Boy.[1] Spencer Smith.[3] Ryan Ross.[4] Random Models.[4] But It's Better If You Do Caps.[1] Twilight.[1] Ryden.[6] Jeffree Star.[4] Jac Vanek.[5] Audrey Kitching.[5] Brendon Urie.[45] Icons in all. @ ----(x5)Fall Out Boy----(x5)Rihanna----(x2)HSM Cast----(x2)Lucas Grabeel----(x2)FOB/PATD ----(x1)Brendon Urie----(x2)Ryden----(x1)Joncer----(x3)Panic!YAY QUOTES) and has basically driven all of her friends away at one point or another due to her determination to succeed. Brendon Urie, apparently, sees Audrey and thinks she’s pretty. Anyways, so this is the year she took a bunch of pictures of various bands, including Fall Out Boy. hes a nice boy and i miss when he didn't have so much shit to do. But I still love her, because I truly believe that she can be awesome. (Yeah, it’s nice to see Brendon has EYES.) Audrey and Brendon end up talking online, and eventually start dating. please just try taking ap calculus, ap physics, ap language and composition, and sign language 4 your junior year and then come and talk to me about your hard schedule is(I totally went back and read every single livejournal entry Jac has ever made, so expect quotes.)Jac loves photography! fob is huge and i never noticed it haha)HAHAHAHAHA OH JOE. Anyway, so back to Jac and how she’s incredibly, amazingly hot. (Note that Jac did not bother to respond to this comment! i really need it up for a number of different reasons, so it's kind of frustrating.ex_i_amcland189 2004-08-30 pm yea seriously, i know what you mean.

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@Rosie Urie930 y dont you take a f***in chill pill....i was kiddin everyone wishes they could be brendons girlfriend...i still do..i guess with you no one can coz if we do we get yelled at...please tell me you were kidding when you sed that sh*t???