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Commonly referred to as Centro Històrico by locals, Old Town is filled with churches, chapels, and monasteries that were constructed and used many centuries ago by artists and laborers native to the land.

Because of this, the structures are very personal to Quito, and they are surrounded by mysterious legends, and tales of history.

However, prices have inevitably risen and for the typical Ecuadorian, costs remain high.

Ecuador still has a long way to go, with approximately one third of its population still living below the poverty line.

(S8)It's a pretty and strikingly-patterned flycatcher from the Andes.

There is a lot of racial variation that will likely lead to splitting in the future.

The work of volunteers is crucial to protecting thousands of plant and animal species and supporting the unique communities of these islands.

Our volunteer opportunities in Ecuador are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, including those on a gap year, career break, or anyone interested in eco-tourism.

Antisana sits in the shadow of its more famous counterpart, Cotopaxi.In the Galapagos, there is a great need for volunteers, not just for conservation efforts, but also in schools.Public schools are overcrowded and have limited resources and disadvantaged families often find themselves unable to afford the extra costs of education.Ecuador suffered its worst economic crisis in the late 1990s, with natural disasters and sharp declines in world oil prices devastating the economy.In 2000 Ecuador adopted the US dollar as legal tender, which stabilized the economy.

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Two of the races are already frequently split off in various field guides.